The 3 Secrets to Finding an Internship

An internship is a college necessity. Whether you desire an internship to fulfill a class requirement or to search for a career after college, chances are you will need to get at least one during your college career. Searching for an internship may seem overwhelming, but it becomes much easier when you know the keys to success. Lucky for you I’ve got the keys, here are the three secrets to finding an internship.


1: The Power of Envisioning

A major problem with college students is being unsure with what industry they want to pursue. Before you charge into an internship, you should envision what you see yourself doing. What are your strengths, what are your weaknesses, what are your likes and dislikes? Answering these questions about yourself can be challenging, so to make this step easier create a chart. Envisioning will allow you to get a clear picture of what you want to pursue. Your time is precious, don’t waste it on pursuing internships you won’t enjoy. I can tell you from experience that this takes some soul searching, but the more real you are with yourself the easier this process becomes.


2: Networking is Easier as a Student


The most common method in which college students find internships are through their social networks, and the best social networks consist of relationships you build with professionals in the field you are pursuing. This seems daunting, but you would be surprised with how willing these professionals are to help students. For example, in every class presentation I’ve sat through I made a point to talk to the presenter afterwards. Every time without fail, the presenter was thrilled that a student showed enough interest in their career to ask additional questions. I’ve received business cards, LinkedIn connections, referrals to other professionals, advice, and even my first internship by simply getting to know a business professional. The moral of secret number two, don’t underestimate the power of social networks.


3: Nothing Beats Persistence but Persistence


The last secret to finding an internship is leveraging the relationship you’ve built with professionals in your field. Leveraging the relationship with professionals entails you inquiring about possible internship opportunities that they themselves have or anyone else within their network can offer. To successfully leverage, you must be persistent in expressing your interest of interning with the firm. Being persistent shows that you are motivated to obtain an internship, and it gives management the impression that you will do a good job. You may get turned down a few times, but remember that life is all about odds. If you ask ten people ten times about internship opportunities you are more likely to land one then if you ask one person one time. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there when inquiring about internship opportunities, because nothing beats persistence but persistence.





The New Super-Food Sweeping the Globe

They’re called TigerNuts, and they are the super-food transforming the global health and fitness market. Distributed by the company Organic Gemini, the TigerNut has many health benefits that will make it the new champion of your diet.

First and foremost, you should know that they’re not nuts. TigerNuts are tubers, which are small root vegetables that originated in Africa. Organic Gemini buys their TigerNuts from farmers in Valencia, Spain and ship them to their facility in Brooklyn, New York. To find out what they tasted like, I bought a bag from my nearest Wal-Mart. From my experience, TigerNuts have an earthy and sweet flavor with a somewhat chewy texture, you can also dip them in water to make them chewier. I really liked the TigerNuts, and I will be incorporating them into my diet not only for their taste, but for their health benefits.


TigerNuts have tons of health benefits that will help you maintain a healthy diet. What impressed me the most is that TigerNuts are certified organic by the USDA, they are gluten free, tree nut/ peanut free, kosher, and no artificial flavors or sweeteners are added to them. TigerNuts are also high in fiber and one ounce of them accounts for 40% of your daily fiber, which helps with digestion. If these facts aren’t enough, TigerNuts are also high in iron, potassium, magnesium, and Vitamins C and E. With all the facts compiled, it’s clear to see why TigerNuts are championed as the newest health and fitness super-food.


Note: You can buy TigerNuts at Wal-Mart or online.

The 5 Things You Need To Do This Summer

Summer break is a time where we can sleep in, eat our parent’s food, catch up with old friends, and enjoy long days of sunshine. It’s easy to get lost in the bliss of spending endless days lounging poolside or on the beach. To help you avoid the monotony of summer vacation, we’ve compiled 5 things you need to do this summer.


1: Go on a road trip

Road trip

Going on a road trip is a great way to liven up summer break. Grab a few of your closest friends and plot a course to go explore somewhere new. Not only will you be able to get out of your house, but you’ll be able to explore the world around you and have more experiences. Up for adventure, visit a National Park like Yosemite. Craving a big city experience, take a trip to NYC and see Times Square. The memories you make as you and your friends travel around the country will surely last you a lifetime, and strengthen your friendships.


2: Go to a Concert


Regardless of what genre of music you love most, going to a concert is a summer necessity. With so many concerts taking place during the summer months the possibilities are endless. If your style is Rap, check out the Made in America tour by Jay-Z. If you consider yourself more of a country-lover, than the CMA Music Festival may be more your thing. Whatever you decide to see, concerts allow you to get out and enjoy something with tons of people who have similar interests as yourself. Not to mention relieving that post semester stress.


3: Pick up/improve upon a hobby


With the stress of the semester behind us, summer break is an awesome time to improve upon or pick-up a new hobby. Having a hobby allows you brain to stay sharp and increase your productivity. Some hobbies you can pick up include learning a new language, playing an instrument, learning a trade, playing a sport, studying the fine arts, etc. These hobbies will help you to become a more intelligent, healthy, and well-rounded person.


4: Do one thing that scares you


Everyone has that one thing that they are terrified of. I’m embarrassed to admit that girls wearing chokers freak me out for some reason and I’m not sure why. Anyway, doing something that scares you will allow you to become a stronger person. It has been said, “The greatest things in life lie on the other side of our fears.” Being that our fears are in in the way of greatness, there are only two options. Option one, forget everything and run. Or option two, face everything and rise. Go ahead, jump out of an airplane (with a parachute of course), go scuba diving, ask that guy/girl you’ve been crushing on out for a date. Whatever it is, I truly hope that you will decide to face your fears, you’ll be glad you did. Now all that’s left for me is to find a hot-date with a choker.


5: Get a summer job/ internship


Having fun is fun, but summer break also needs to have a practical side. First off, to afford all the activities we discussed, you will need a source of income (unless your mommy/daddy buys everything for you, in which case I am always taking donations). Anyway, getting a summer job or internship will be even more important for career-building. We will all eventually graduate and move out into the “real world” with the expectation to find a career we are passionate about. What better way to figure out that passion by doing a 2-4 month, no strings attached test drive. If you hate it, move on knowing you don’t want to pursue something in that industry or work in that type of environment. If you love it, try and pursue a full-time position with the firm or find another company like it. I’ve had two internships and held a steady job at the YMCA throughout college. I can tell you with full confidence that I’ve learned more about what I like and dislike about a job/ workplace from the work experiences I’ve had, and so will you!


Mastering Your Money Part 1: Controlling Your Spending

The first step in mastering your finances is having the ability to control your spending. Spending within itself is not evil, we need to spend money to buy food, clothing, pay for our house and car, and a wide variety of other necessary expenses. But like anything in life, there comes a point where too much of something is no longer a good thing. Many people will run up credit card debt, spending money they don’t have to buy things they truly don’t need. Still others will spend too much money on things that bring them happiness and forget to pay the bills. To break this bad habit of over-spending, let’s first look at where people are most prone to overspend.


How We Spend our Money


The United States is a consumer driven economy. Every year, consumers spend billions of dollars on a variety of goods and services to improve their lives and to increase their personal satisfaction. With a whooping total of 99%, the single biggest industry where college students spend their money is the restaurant industry. According to Forbes Magazine, students can spend up to $2,500 a year on restaurant and food related expenses alone. People with families are sure to see an even steeper increase in restaurant expenditures.



Consumers are also prone to overspend on entertainment. For example, I recently took a trip to Atlantic City with five friends to observe their spending habits. One open mic night at the bar later and each friend spent an average of $15 on drinks, and that was before the casino! Entertainment expenses can add up quick, visit you nearest movie theater and buy some food to go with your movie if you don’t believe me.


Without doubt the most dangerous temptation to overspend is the credit card. Being able to flash a shiny piece of plastic and buy anything you want with a swipe feels so satisfying, but ends so very poorly. USA Today reports that over the past ten years’ college students have become less likely to pay off credit card debt on time in addition to refusing to pay the entire bill and settling for the minimum payment. The interest rate on these cards, especially for young people, are incredibly high. The average APR for student credit is about 22% and for adults is around 20%, which means those outstanding balances are quickly building up high interest expenses. In the coming weeks I will do an article on how I have personally taken advantage of credit card companies to make money. But for now, if you can’t properly use it, lose it!


Curbing Your Spending

money lock

Now that we better understand what we are prone to overspend on, let’s come up with a strategy on how to eliminate our bad habit. The single most effective way to overcome your overspending habit is to cancel your credit card and carry cash. Behavioral economists Dun and Bradstreet conducted a study on credit card spending versus cash and found that people are likely to spend 12-18% more when using a credit card. In other words, that means that for every $100 you spend in cash, you are likely to have spent $118 with your credit card. The reasoning behind why people spend more with credit cards is that they do not feel the actual loss of money until a month after their purchase, while the loss is felt immediately when you use cash. I guarantee that you will find yourself more reluctant to splash the cash on things you did before once you feel those bills slipping through your fingers.

Another effective way to eliminate overspending is to seek other alternatives of entertainment that are more affordable. Why spend $12 on an overpriced mixed drink at the bar every Friday night when you can make your own at home with your friends for a fraction of the price? Why go to the movie theaters and buy popcorn, soda, and candy when you can rent a movie from Redbox or Netflix and buy the same food from the dollar store? When you think about it practically, it makes more economic sense to forego consistent weekend extravaganzas and hang out with friends enjoying the same things for less. Society will pressure you to get out every weekend and spend, spend, spend. They want you to think spending your money is necessary for your enjoyment, but be assured, you don’t have to.


Putting it all Together


I’m not saying that going out and enjoying yourself is wrong, what I’m saying is that you need to measure yourself. There is nothing wrong with saying that you will eat a home-cooked meal instead of going out, there is nothing wrong with watching a movie at home instead of the theaters, and there is nothing wrong with canceling that credit card. Ultimately, your own self-discipline and determination to control your spending is what makes the difference. I’ve brought up the problem, I’ve made some suggestions, now you come up with a definitive solution that meets your personal needs.


Now that we understand the biggest issues surrounding overspending, I believe that you are ready to level up. Next week we’ll learn how to efficiently allocate your financial resources through budgeting. I commend you on taking this first step to improve your financial health. Remember, its time you stop letting money control you, its time you master your money.

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